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  • April 4, 2017

Real Relief Magna Wave

Real Relief Magna Wave

Our first experience with Magna Wave was in 2011. Kalli and her young mare, Hot Poppin Perks (UhOH), were attending their first big barrel race together. UhOh, who is notoriously "tense", was extremely tight and uncomfortable. While searching for relief for the mare, we came across a Magna Wave practitioner and decided to give it a try. UhOh was immediately relaxed, comfortable and happy... we were believers! Venicea received her first pony at the age of 10. Seven months later the family had seven horses. What started off as a pony passion soon became a successful breeding operation which produced multiple National and World champions competing in several different disciplines around the globe. In the late 80's, Venicea and her mother, Sharon DeVillo, began a new venture, equine export. Very quickly, the two were credited with supplying top stock to South America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Venicea has been "hands on" in every aspect of their involvement in the equine industry. From breeding, foaling, show and sales prep, starting young horses under saddle, hauling, export, competing in rodeo and show arenas and becoming a "Rodeo Mom"... she has done it all. Kalli is a 3rd generation horsewoman. She was introduced to the barn life at 5 days old. Growing up, Kalli was involved in the daily activities of a working barn. Starting as a toddler, Kalli competed in 4-H, local horse shows and drill team, but her true love is the rodeo arena. Kalli was a very active member of the Florida High School Rodeo Association. During her four years as a member, Kalli qualified for the State Finals as well as the National High School Rodeo Finals in multiple events. In her senior year of high school, Kalli received a rodeo scholarship to attend the University of Great Falls in Montana. There she began working on her Biology degree and plans to attend medical school with hopes of becoming a Radiologist. While attending college in Montana, Kalli was hired on to the Jacobs Rodeo Company crew were she was in charge of the daily care of the rough stock. With the combined experience of our mother/daughter team, we are capable and comfortable handling and treating the vast array of animals who will benefit from a Magna Wave session. We feel EVERYONE deserves REAL RELIEF !


Kalli Kouba

Venicea DeVillo-Kouba

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