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  • June 9, 2016

Prime Equine LLC

Prime Equine LLC

Prime Equine LLC is owned and operated by Schelly Bankston. I am based in Oklahoma and offer services in Oklahoma, Texas and Arkansas by appointment. Horses are my passion and helping them perform at the top of their game is why I became interested in this field. I will listen to you and also to your horse, I will explain what I am seeing and feeling. I am happy to work with your vet or other equine professional to provide a therapy protocol specifically for your unique situation.

How I got started: This career path chose me. I was a 911 dispatcher and missing or extremely exhausted as I hauled my son around to shows. My son was showing at a larger AQHA show and his horse came up “quick” on the front causing the trainer to get gated. We had 2 hours to get him right before my son started showing. My friend from Colorado offered her Magna Wave machine for us to use. My son returned to the ring, same horse under the same judges, and placed in the top 3 under all the judges. I was sold at that point, I wanted to help other riders and their equine partners like Susanah helped us. I offer Magna Wave sessions to horses, humans and small animals. I am a mobile service so there is no need to worry with hauling anywhere. I am a Certified Magna Wave practitioner and also a Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist.

Horses are my passion so it makes my heart happy when I can help them feel good and perform at the top of their game. I have several clients in the Hunter/Jumper, Racing, Dressage, Reining, Western Pleasure and Morgan venues. I am in house weekly at a small animal clinic on the southside of Oklahoma City where I provide session to dogs, cats, the vets and their staff.

I happily serve all of Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Kansas. Other areas are served by reservation.


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Prime Equine LLC

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