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  • September 16, 2016

Prairie Wind Performance Therapy

Prairie Wind Performance Therapy

My name is Ashley Emery and I have been riding horses most of my life. I enjoy the sport of barrel racing. I currently compete on two mares; Swindlin Cash and Miss JB0912.

Swindlin Cash aka Penny is the reason why I had a Magna Wave treatment done while attending a barrel bash. Penny had suffered from a mystery lameness for several years. She had severe body soreness and would not use her hind end properly. Finally after another trip to K-State for an examine to set up a bone scan our exam was cut short as they were sure she had EPM. Long story short, she was treated for EPM and given a year off the pattern. She developed some anxiety coming back to compete and some days are worse then others. One particular event she was abnormally stressed out more than usual (she is naturally a high energy, busy body type mare) and was really refusing the gate. So I decided to give Magna Wave a try, what did I have to lose? Sure enough she had quite a bit of soreness in her neck and hindquarters. By the conclusion of the session her muscles had really relaxed and so had she.

Day two at that event I had a completely different horse. She loped around warming up like a pleasure horse and willingly entered the arena when it was her turn to compete. I was simply amazed to say the least. I continued to have treatments done on both of my mares when I attended events where Magna Wave was available.

I have enjoyed the results so much and the relief it has provided my own horses as well as myself ( I suffer from lower back pain from a riding injury) I decided to take a venture of my own. I wanted to be able to treat my own horses more often then just at large events. I want others to have the same ability to do so as well.

I am truly excited to be able to offer Magna Wave Therapy to others. To be able to offer relief from injuries, pain, sore muscles or to just have a session done as a special treat. You can visibly see how these animals really enjoy their sessions and how relaxed they become.


Ashley Emery


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