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  • June 7, 2018

PPF Magna Wave Therapy

PPF Magna Wave Therapy

When beings experience pain and injury that causes stress and discomfort, it is not uncommon for them to feel unraveled. My commitment is to bring Magna Wave therapys natural healing effects to people and animals helping their own bodies improve health and wellness without side effects. I help my clients whom include Humans, Large, and Small Animals to find a natural alternative that allows them to experience benefits such as less pain, extra energy, and relaxation to name a few of the many benefits of Magna Wave therapy. Providing them peace, balance and a way to reclaim the bodies natural state of health. I am Wendy Phillips owner and operator of PPF Magna Wave Therapy. We are located in Danville, Indiana. Which is in central Indiana on the westside of Indianapolis. My experience as a competitive swimmer, shooter, in addition to showing horses, livestock and handling dogs competitively over the last 35 years gives me a unique insight to understanding my clients needs and concerns for both themselves, show animals, pets, and livestock. My Magna Wave Certification further ensures that I am committed to providing the best possible care I can to my clients. If I can be of service please feel free to contact me.


Wendy Phillips

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