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  • January 23, 2019

Pleasant Meadow Farm, LLC

Pleasant Meadow Farm, LLC

After 20+ years of owning and managing a boarding/breeding/training facility I was looking for something to add to my toolbox to help my equine partners perform at their best. I love working closely with my vets/farriers/massage therapists and saddle fitters to make sure my horses are happy and healthy, but I knew there had to be something else that I could do to improve their quality of life. Having heard so many testimonials from trusted friends about their amazement of what PEMF therapy did for their partners I started doing research. PEMF therapy is not just for competition horses; it can help the arthritic geriatric set feel and move better, help those healing from injuries, help draw and abscess in no time and the list goes on . I'm very excited to be able to provide relief and support to our equine partners through Magna Wave PEMF therapy in the Hunterdon County area and beyond . Feel free to contact me at - 973.464.5758 or You can visit my website at


Joanne Pelosi

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