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  • August 30, 2016

Piedmont Pulse PEMF

Piedmont Pulse PEMF

Piedmont Pulse offers MagnaWavs PEMF therapy to clients in North and South Carolina as well as surrounding states by certified MagnaWave practitioners.


Laura Collander

Kathryn Maynard


"Hey Kathryn! I rode after you left. She felt good & was even willing to do a few strides of canter each direction! And she was more willing to lift & hold her left hind so I could clean out the hoof. Yay! Thank you for focusing on her hocks/stifles today I think it really helped!"

"I just want to thank Kathryn and Laura at Piedmont pulse PEMF. Molly is responding so well to this treatment so far. She was 100% better on the ground and 80% better under saddle with only a few limps just after one treatment! I'm SOO amazed. Tonight was the first night I have gotten to ride her in a month!!! I'm SOO soo happy! This was seriously my last ditch effort before making this mare a broodmare."

Brooklyn U.

"OH MY GOD! What a HUGE difference yesterday with Celle! I can't wait to see how he feels after more treatments!"

Brooke K.

Andrea Wise
Piedmont Pulse PEMF

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