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  • July 12, 2018

PEMF by White Iron, LLC

PEMF by White Iron, LLC

Marie is an equestrian coach & horse trainer by trade. With an educated background in equine from the University of Findlay and veterinary technology from Stautzenberger College. Her personal use of alternative heathcare modalities began as a young athlete. Seeking maintenance & healing through chiropractic, massage, and essential oil therapies to name a few. As a skeptic who gains confidence through research. PEMF proved to Marie that it was worth a try. She loves the therapy and what it has done for her. So naturally she encourages everyone to try this groundbreaking technology.


Marie Arnold

Gary Harman

My Name is Gary Harman a practitioner with PEMF by White iron. I have been in the industry of helping people for the entirety of my adult life. I have been involved with emergency medical care for over 10 years. I strive to continue my growth to better help everyone through continuing education and additional college courses in industry appropriate course work. My passion is to help people, working with PEMF to reducing pain and inflammation helps all people to become more active. This is a chain reaction that leads to a healthier lifestyle in general. PEMF by White Iron has additional practitioners to assist in care for your pets and equine friends as well.
PEMF by White Iron, LLC

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