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  • June 6, 2018

All-Around PEMF Therapy

All-Around PEMF Therapy

Hi! My name is Jamie Yoder. I've been in the equine industry my entire life. My family and I live on and operate a working ranch. We raise, start, and make most all of our own horses. My husband is passionate about the working cow horse industry while I love and enjoy running barrels. Our combined passion for horses leaves us with quite a herd of horses to keep healthy and sound. I became involved with Magna Wave to keep our horses feeling their best, and after seeing the results we've had, I can't help but want to share this wonderful opportunity with others. Along with our horses, I use the machine on my self regularly. It's done wonders for my body. I would love to help your equine athletes feeling and performing at the top of their game. I'd also like to help anyone who suffers from those aches and pains that years of wisdom seem to place on our bodies.


Jamie Yoder

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