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  • January 7, 2019

Peak Performance PEMF AU

Peak Performance PEMF AU

Why PEMF I asked myself? When you find something that works why keep looking. Peak Performance PEMF AU will treat your loved four legged companions to help improve their well being for a better quality of life. PEMF may improve performance results if your horse is experiencing tension, inflammation or just not right feeling the results around the world do not lie. PEMF could be the answer to improving your results or for faster recovery time from injury. My machine meets FEI requirements so you have the peace of mind that you can treat your horse in any situation - at your competition before &/or after your ride. I have used static magnets for various reasons in my life personally & with my competition horses then I discovered PEMF. After being in a work accident at the age of 19 I have found PEMF to help with the pain & discomfort experienced from these injuries. I have been a horse owner/rider for over 40 years from the early days at Pony Club to 3* level Eventer (Achieving 24th in Australia for Saddle World points in 2015). My working life started as an apprentice Jockey & studying Horse Husbandry. From breeding to starting young horses to accomplished performance horses, I have a drive for self improvement whether this is personal or educational - life is an endless journey.


Karen Morgan

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