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  • April 17, 2017

Patty Lynch Equine Services

Patty Lynch Equine Services

I'm Patty Lynch and I am a farrier in Mount Airy Maryland. Working on horses from the backyard pet, to the high performance horse that competes nationally, I have learned that horses require complementary care to be at their optimal comfort level. It was through the hard work and desire to get my client horses the most comfortable, that I found Magna Wave. The Magna Wave allows me to offer my clients the most beneficial therapy services to help everything from general health and peak performance to pathology treatment and injury healing. As a farrier, I suffer from the effects of my work. I can honestly say that since using the Magna Wave on myself, I feel better and sleep better than ever! I'm excited to launch this complementary service into my practice and look forward to getting every animal and human I treat, to their most comfortable!


Patty Lynch

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