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  • January 29, 2018

Northland PEMF Services INC

Northland PEMF Services INC

I currently work for the Kansas City, Missouri Police Department. I have been with them for 23 years. I am planning on retiring in 2 years and I wanted to do something that I felt passionate about for my "second career." I found PEMF through a friend. She uses it to successfully treat horses. While I have no desire to treat the beautiful equine creatures, I do wish to help to help the humans!! I have had a chronic condition (bursitis) for the last 3+ years that a multitude of treatments has failed to resolve. PEMF has worked wonders on this affliction. I want to bring that to my friends an co-workers who suffer the same maladies that I do/did. I have a decade of experience as an EMT to go with this, so I'm fairly well versed in how the human body works!!


Vickie Rabideaux-Stous

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