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  • October 5, 2018

Northern Lights Magna Wave

Northern Lights Magna Wave

Hazel and Amanda are a mother/daughter team. Hazel first became interested in Magna Wave when she fractured her shoulder. Her orthopedist told her it was a long healing process and so Hazel began her weekly Magna Wave treatments. She was ecstatic to get a clean bill of health from her orthopedist, telling her he couldn't even tell where it was broke. Hazel has also had success with treating her trigger finger, food allergies, and husband's rotator cuff. She now enjoys helping clients heal themselves through Magna Wave PEMF and is always eager to learn more! Amanda is a lifelong animal lover and equestrian. She has been obsessed with horses, dogs and helping others from a young age, so it is no surprise that she would become interested in Magna Wave PEMF Therapy. Amanda has a variety of experiences that led her to Magna Wave. First of all, she is a barrel racer with experience in the Dressage ring and Horse Pulling world, who is always looking to make her animals feel better and perform at their best. Additionally, combined with her own past collegiate running experience, interest in alternative therapies, and teaching background, Amanda also enjoys bringing athletes back from injury through modalities and nutrition to return them to their previous level of competition. A favorite past time of Amanda's is researching and evaluating case studies, so she can stay informed and able to give her clients the best service and information possible. She became sold on Magna Wave after getting relief from numbness and tingling in her fingers from a bulging disc in her neck, seeing the major improvement in her dog that was actively symptomatic from Lyme Disease, and enjoying a very successful barrel racing season after using Magna Wave consistently throughout the summer.


Hazel Reed

Amanda Harthun

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Northern Lights Magna Wave

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