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  • February 21, 2018

Natural Enhancements PEMF

Natural Enhancements PEMF

Servicing North-Eastern Cleveland Areas Naturally enhance your mind, body, and soul with pulsed electromagnetic fields! Naturally occurring, this fifth element of life is essential for optimal health and vitality.  


Kathlene Myron

Living in San Diego, California for over two decades, Kathlene Myron understands the importance of connecting with nature and enjoys daily hikes with her four Collies and barn time with her horse. Her activities became less frequent, due to the onset of low back pain in 2015. After seeking advice from an Orthopedic surgeon, her options were NSAIDS, pain medications, and surgery, all of which she had no interest in pursuing. However, while at the American Morgan Horse Associations’ World Champion & National horse show in 2015, Magna Wave, PEMF had been there providing demonstrations on horses and humans, which proved to be nothing less than a miracle! ” After one treatment, the benefits of this technology were significant at removing pain and improving overall energy levels! “. The real test came when Kathlene’s horse became suddenly lame and would not be able to show; after one treatment of Magna Wave, the horse was bearing full weight on the affected leg and showed the next day, winning top three in his division. As a Registered Nurse, Kathlene immersed herself in the technology and pathophysiology behind the success of PEMF and researched its solid past and promising future for various applications. “I needed to know that the device worked 100% of the time “, and after using the machine on herself, dogs, and horses, Kathlene realized that this would be a promising investment. While she intends on teaming up with Chiropractors, Naturopaths, and Integrative practices, her focus has been working with post-surgical patients. Kathlene explains how PEMF reduces inflammation by infusing oxygen at the cellular level, increases mobility, decreases downtime, and allows patients to resume their occupation and hobbies much more quickly.

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