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  • January 24, 2017

Marissa J Greenslade, LLC

Marissa J Greenslade, LLC

Marissa established her business in 2006, and has operated a successful therapeutic practice focusing on horses, cattle, sheep, pigs and home pets. Over the past ten years, she has maintained a focus on continuing to add value to her practice and ultimately her clientele. After substantial due diligence, Marissa made the decision to add MagnaWave PEMF as part of her therapeutic process in 2014 with substantial results. Her dedication to patient well-being and clientele satisfaction has made her a sought after and appreciated practitioner throughout Ohio and surrounding states.


Marissa Cush

Marissa is Registered Veterinarian Technician, Certified Equine Therapist, and life-long equine enthusiast and showman. She received her degree in Animal Science and RVT from Stauzenberger College and continued her equine therapy studies at the renowned Helen J Woods Equine in British Columbia.
Marissa J Greenslade, LLC

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