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  • October 22, 2018

Makin’ Waves

Makin’ Waves

My name is Emily Becker. I was born and raised in the horse industry and I am 3rd generation in the sport of rodeo. Out of high school I was employed in the horse trading business, starting colts, and working at rodeos. I gained a lot of knowledge in those years. Years down the rode I went to college and received a Associates Degree in Applied Science in Massage Therapy in 2011. I worked at a therapy center and on my own till 2015. Now I want to start another chapter in my life and offer more modalities in Holistic Healing. With that being stated I created Makin' Waves. At Makin' Waves you'll be able to receive Magna Wave treatments and/or massage therapy. There will be other modalities offered soon. Treatments are offered to horses, humans and other animals.


Emily Becker

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