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  • July 26, 2019

Magna Wave of St. Augustine, LLC

Magna Wave of St. Augustine, LLC

IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH FOR QUALITY OF LIFE At Magna Wave of St. Augustine, “Quality of Life” is most important. We believe that your health is directly related to your “Quality of Life.” We work independently or as a team with You, your Doctors, Veterinarians, Chiropractors, Acupuncturist, Therapist, and Trainers when creating a personal care plan for the individual needs of you, your pets, or your horses. Our mission is to utilize our years of education, professional training, and over 35 years of experience to enhance your health & wellness, help decrease pain and discomfort while facilitating rehabilitation, so that there is a noticeable improved in the “QUALITY OF LIFE” of you, your pets, and your equine partners. She states, "There is nothing that can replace a good pair of skilled hands. However, the Magna Wave is able to do things that no one's hands can accomplish, to help your body do what God created it to do naturally.” PEMF is FDA approved for many things because it works on a cellular level to enhance wellness by charging the cells, increasing their energy so the body can do what it does naturally at a higher lever & faster rate. Athletes love the increase in energy, & rapid recovery. Surgical patients show faster healing. Injuries show a reduction in inflammation. Even people with arthritis, dogs with hip pain, horses with hock and stifle pain, can receive drug free pain relief. The PEMF is FDA approved for the treatment of Non-Union Bone, treatment of Brain Cancer, treatment of Urinary Incontinence, Depression, and more. The PEMF device also stimulates acupuncture sites during the treatment. She says, “When you put the Magna Wave together with a skilled MW Practitioner, it will make a definitely noticeable improvement in your health, wellbeing, and quality of life!” Tammy Putman was also trained with Hands-On instruction by Arlene White at the Animal Rehab Institute near Wellington, Florida, where she received Certified Equine Massage Therapist, and is Insured by Hands-On Trade Association. Tammy is also a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner for Humans, Small Animals (pets), and Equine. She is also completing her Kinesiology Tape Certification for Equine. Her previous education was for Registered Nursing, has served as a Financial Analyst and Mortgage Underwriter, giving her over 35 years of experience with equine, pets, and people. Dedicated to continual education, she is also enrolled in the "Midwest Natural Healing for Animals" which is an Approved Educational Provider for "The American Council of Animal Naturopathy LLC." The founder & instructor of the Amassage Method, Beverly Brady, has a wealth of knowledge and information I haven't found anywhere else on Rehab Strategies and BTV Correction, EPM Rehab, Cribbing Release, Cold & Sway Back, Arthritis Rehab and more. Thinking outside the box to find solutions, Tammy has put together a multitude of modalities for Equine Bodywork with additional tools to use to accomplish her goals: The Magna Wave, 2 different VetroLasers, TENS Unit, Equicore Concepts System, Sure Foot System, Essential Oils & More. But some who have seen her working say there is a spiritual connection she forms with the horse that is like nothing else they have ever seen before. They say it is the culmination of the love, skill, compassion that makes her uniquely gifted and so successful at what she does for you and your animals. For more information, reviews and videos of live sessions by Tammy with Magna Wave of St. Augustine on its Facebook page. Tammy is willing to travel to your location. Consultations are free via phone, text, email, and video call via Facebook or Skype.


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