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  • August 9, 2018

Magna Wave by Dani Yegge

Magna Wave by Dani Yegge

Hello! My name is Dani Yegge, and I am a certified practitioner for Magna Wave in equine, humans, and small animals! I am located in Buffalo Center, IA which is where I was raised! I also attend college in Fort Dodge, IA. I can treat in both of the surrounding areas! I also haul my Magna Wave with me wherever I go, so you could probably find me in many areas in the Midwest. Don't be afraid to ask where I am at! I may be able to work you in my schedule, wherever I may be! My cell phone number is 641-590-0292. I would be happy to answer and questions and hopefully do business with you!


Danielle Yegge

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