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  • November 30, 2017

JH Equine

JH Equine

I'm Jackson Holm and I've had a lifelong love of horses. In fact my very first word was horse! I've started colts and trained horses and taken numerous clinics always looking to advance my horsemanship. My real passion horseback is showing and attempting to train my own cutting horses. It was through this passion my journey on how to maximize my horses performance started. Endless hours of study into nutrition and modalities became my obsession when I wasn't riding a horse. This has lead me to purchasing a Magna Wave and becoming excited with the possibilities of this machine on all equine athletes. Along with providing Magna Wave services I am also an Equine Bite Plane Specialist (dentist) focusing on restoring the angle to the teeth the horse was intended to function with. I'll travel to any location that has horses! Looking forward to help working with your equine athletes and optimizing performance.


Jackson Holm

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