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  • October 1, 2019

Iron Rose Equine Services

Iron Rose Equine Services

Hello! My name is Sarah Coltrin and I have been the lead farrier of Iron Rose Forge for nine years now. I began at Midwest Horseshoeing School under the instruction of Steve Hedges CJF and Nick Johnson CJF. After completing the course I went on to apprentice under Alan Dryg CJF AWCF for two years, while still working on building my own company, Iron Rose Forge. Iron Rose Forge is a premier farrier service that takes the time to individually asses every horse’s needs and works with your horse’s support team to ensure optimal health and performance of your horse. I have a deep understanding of anatomy, confirmation and how to properly care for and correct your horses feet. Magnawave PEMF therapeutic services are also available to help horses or other barn animals with muscle soreness, joint pain and soft tissue injury. PEMF therapy uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to reduce swelling and increase blood flow throughout the horse’s body. I am also a B graduate of St. James Pony Club with extensive background in teaching about confirmation, lameness, anatomy and shoeing. All of this is a culmination of my lifelong passion for horses, their well being and helping those who have a similar passion.


Sarah Coltrin

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