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  • July 25, 2016

In Touch Equine Sports Therapy

In Touch Equine Sports Therapy

To offer and provide high quality, individualized care for the horse and rider. Our non-invasive whole body wellness therapy program is designed to improve performance and soundness in the equine or human athlete as well as preventative maintenance.

In Touch Equine Sports Therapy, LLC., located in St.Petersburg/Tampa, Florida assists owners, trainer and veterinarians in caring for horses. The intention is a team approach, communicating and working in conjunction with the vet, trainer and farriers (such as obtaining a diagnosis, complete history of the animal, as well as any contraindications., training routines and shoeing). In addition to treating the horse we also consider the other athlete in the team – the rider. Treatment for the rider is no longer a “luxury” if the rider’s issues are causing the performance of the team to be non cohesive.

Linda McCorkle and Sharon Muley with backgrounds in nursing and massage therapy combined with their knowledge of human and equine anatomy, physiology and kinesiology provide an informed and comprehensive foundation in bringing wellness to people, horses and small animals.

Our travel radius is 150 miles providing Magna Wave services at your farm or at a Horse Show. 2017 horse show locations include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

you can reach us at:

Linda - 727-455-4600 call or text, email - or Facebook Messenger.

Sharon - 813-785-9977 call or text,, or Facebook Messenger.


Linda McCorkle

Horses have always been a big part of Linda’s life even though she did not formally start showing until her late 20’s. Growing up on an acreage just outside of Minneapolis she was fortunate to have 3 quarter horses in the family. Riding and caring for them was an everyday occurrence. In her early 20’s she started working for a large Arabian show horse and breeding farm grooming, conditioning, assisting the trainers and sometimes when needed in the breeding shed. She then married, moved to Florida and started showing under the direction of Rohara Arabians with Roxann Hart (owner) and John Rannenberg (trainer).Linda eventually found her way to the American Saddlebreds and Judd Stables in Tampa having many successful show seasons and a Reserve World Championship title. For the past 8 years Five Gait Stables has been her home, owning and showing a variety of horses, most recently breeding 2 of her mares and now raising a couple of babies.

In 1995 she attended the Humanities Center School of Massage in Pinellas Park, Florida. Throughout her career, the most asked question by clients is, “Why did you become a massage therapist?” certain her answer has changed over the years, one thing remains: She absolutely loves the work. What Linda found in massage school was an amazing perspective on healing, physiology, and anatomy. It fundamentally altered her perception and deepened her understanding of the body and healing.

With her love of horses and massage therapy it was a natural progression to enter into equine sports therapy. In 2013, she attended Animal Dynamics Equine Sport Massage school in Ocala, Florida. Under the direction of Don and Lisa Duran she was certified in Foundation and Advanced Equine Sports Massage, Electro Acupressure Therapy and Equine Microcurrent Therapy. Don and Lisa’s philosophies, talent and expertise is in identifying the root causes of equine performance issues and providing the permanent, proper solutions. In 2015 Linda was treating horses at the American Royal in Kansas City and had the opportunity to work along side Dr. Scott Bennett (vet from Simpsonville, KY) that was using the Magna Wave. He was so informative and she was really impressed with the response from the horses. He encouraged her to take the next step which she did immediately. Magna Wave PEMF has been well received by her clients, compliments her existing modalities and taken her business to a whole new level.

Linda is Magna Wave Certified In Equine, Human, Small Animals. She is also an LMT and certified in Basic and Advance Equine Massage, ElectroAcupressure and Microcurrent Therapies.

Sharon Muley

Promoting a drug free alternative to achieve optimal health maintenance and therapeutic benefits using Magna Wave PEMF.

Sharon Muley is a Florida native; born, raised, and living in Tampa. She studied Nursing at The University of Florida, graduated in 1986 with a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and began her nursing career at Tampa General Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Her nursing career specialized in Pediatrics for the next 20+ years. Fast forward to 2010 when she fulfilled her life long desire to ride horses. Owning three horses, countless hours in the saddle, and embracing everything horses led her to her next career. Seeing the positive physiological results from PEMF with her American Saddlebred, Callaway’s Royal Mark, combined with her medical background made becoming a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner a natural fit!

Sharon is based in Tampa, Florida working for In Touch Equine Sports Therapy. Her travel radius is 150 miles providing Magna Wave services at your farm or at a Horse Show. 2017 horse show locations include Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Kentucky.

You can reach Sharon at 813-785-9977 call or text,, or Facebook Messenger.

In Touch Equine Sports Therapy

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