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  • February 2, 2018

Hirsch PEMF Therapy

Hirsch PEMF Therapy

My name is Denise Hirsch and have been in the equine world for the past 20 years and own a farm for the past 15 years.  I was introduced several years ago to Magna Wave.  My horses and I have benefited greatly from it.  Since owning my own machine in December of 2017, I am certified in horse, human and small animal.  I have seen some amazing results from using Magna Wave PEMF.  Magna Wave has helped heal and smooth scar tissue from a lawn mower injury, helped a person to raise his arm above his head that hadn't been able to for years, helped someone with lupus to have more muscle function and less inflammation, and minor issues such as making headaches or soreness from painting disappear.  I have seen horses recover in record time from a torn muscle where the leg was dangling, remedy a severe colic where the vet recommended going to the University hospital, or as simple as improving a horse's overall performance in the show ring.  I am passionate about helping all.  When someone tells me of some ailment or condition they have, my first thought is maybe Magna Wave can help.  It is the "miracle" we all need.


Denise Hirsch

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