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  • July 27, 2016

High Performance Therapeutics

High Performance Therapeutics

My name is Jennifer Henderson and I am from Louisville Kentucky. I grew up on a horse training farm; riding, showing, cleaning stalls, and all the general health care that goes along with horses. At 14, I started volunteering for our veterinarian and at 15 I was hired as a vet assistant. I have been working for the same vet since 2005, with the first 3 years being in the equine field and then transferring over to a small animal practice. Aside from work and horses, I received my Bachelors Degree(BSBA) in Equine Business with High Honors from the University of Louisville.

I decided to start my own business with Magna Wave and created High Performance Equine Therapeutics. I have worked on countless performance horses, some with major issues and some just for maintenance. In addition to horses, I have treated many people and small animals, such as dogs and cats, with much success. I have yet to meet a dissatisfied individual. The Magna Wave is truly amazing in the range of issues that it can help to resolve and being able to share its abilities with others is so rewarding. I am willing travel a good distance if there is several patients to treat, otherwise I try to stay within 50 miles of Louisville, KY.

I really enjoy treating with Magna Wave and seeing peoples’ expressions when things get better almost “magically”! I have really been able to incorporate the knowledge I have gained from veterinarians and growing up with athletic horses into my Magna Wave career! I look forward to many more years of helping people and animals!


Jennifer Henderson, CMWP

High Performance Therapeutics

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