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  • March 14, 2018

Guided Faith Horse Boarding & More

Guided Faith Horse Boarding & More

Guided Faith Horse Boarding & More was opened in May of 2015, By Serena McCann Morris. Her facility is on 6.83 acres. Where it provides large stalls, riding arena, exercise pens, training pens and a walker. It also provides acres of mountain & country riding. Serena has over 20yrs experience with raising & caring for & rehabilitating animals of all species. She got into rehabilitating horses when her barrel horse (George) had some leg /knee issues that no vet could completely help with. She found Magna Wave at a local event and was soon convinced that it would help him. It had helped him immensely. She has been doing Magna Wave for 9 months and enjoys the benefits it has made on her horses, her other animals & people. Serena is Nationally Accredited & Certified Medical Assistant & Phlebotomist. This is where she feels that her knowledge of the human body also benefits helping people use Magna Wave. She uses her Magna Wave regularly at home & when she attends her competitions. She is always ready to help others.


Serena McCann-Morris

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