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  • November 28, 2016

Full Motion Equine

Full Motion Equine

I was born in Hollywood, Florida. I currently reside in Denham Springs, Louisiana. I do go back and forth every few months. I am Native American and I grew up in the city, but had an affinity for horses at a young age. 

I started riding when I was 7. I had done other things like piano, dance, basketball, volleyball, karate, and band, but riding horses was an activity that meant more than all the others so I quit everything and rode. I competed in speed event horse shows as a child on borrowed horses. I was 10 when I got my first horse "whiskey" he was an $800 old, broke and worn out ranch horse.

The horse club started bringing us to the Indian rodeos and thats where I got my love for Rodeo and Barrel racing. I currently compete at the amateur level in rodeo, jackpots, 4D's. I especially love the medical field, attending EMT training classes and Medical assisting in the past.

I love helping people feel better and I love seeing the animals feels better. When you feel your best you do your best! I struggled with chronic pain and I know how it feels to hurt when you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night. I've had some decent accidents on and off the horse's back. When I began looking into a way to help myself feel better I found Magna Wave and it has changed my life in addition to the many people and horses I treat.

I look forward to working with my clients, their vets, or their own doctors in helping them achieve a pain free healthy life.


Shadoe Billie

Full Motion Equine

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