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  • August 24, 2017

Finish First with Magna Wave

Finish First with Magna Wave

My name is Christa Jordan, horses were always me passion growing up, and now they are my  family's passion. My husband has been training thoroughbred racehorses for 20 years, and thats where I was first introduced to the Magna Wave. My goal was to be able to provide drug free pain relief to our equine athletes as well as provide the endless benefits of Magna Wave with others. As a family we also enjoy camping and trail riding with our equine companions, We are proud to have Magna Wave in our family...the benefits are endless! My two daughters also grew up with a passion for horses, and recently my eldest daughter, Taelyn, also became a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner. Taelyn is a college student majoring in biology with plans to attend vet school. The fall she plans to take a semester off to attend the Helen J. Woods Equine Therapy School to study equine chiropractic. By becoming a Practitioner, Taelyn has obtained great field experience and an even bigger passion for helping horses and their owners.


Christa Jordan

Taelyn Jordan

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