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  • December 7, 2016

Equine Energy LLC

Equine Energy LLC

I am a registered veterinary technician and have been in the veterinary industry for 25 years with an emphasis on pain management and anesthesia. Specializing in small animal with continued education in large animal, it has been my passion and my pleasure to have spent over two decades helping to educate clients regarding their pets and assist my patients from birth all the way through to their senior years, and making their transitions through each phase of life as smooth and pain free as possible.

Branching off to start my own business using Magna Wave PEMF technology was an easy decision as it incorporates so much of what I know and love. I am excited to continue to help those in need, to educate and to help improve quality of life.

Certified to treat equine, small animal and human. Servicing many parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.

Located south of the Atlanta airport.


Shannon Pendleton


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Equine Energy LLC

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