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  • January 4, 2018

Diamond D Equine Therapy

Diamond D Equine Therapy

Diamond D Equine Therapy is a Huntsville, TX based business owned by Darby Guidry that specializes in Magna Wave PEMF Therapy in horses and small animals. Magna wave is a machine that delivers electromagnetic therapy to people and animals. This therapy promotes healing on a cellular level by increasing cellular energy and oxygenation as well as enhancing the cells detoxifying process. This treatment can help many injuries as well as soreness and promote overall health. Darby is certified by Magna Wave which has one of the most extensive certifications of all PEMF companies. Darby travels anywhere in Huntsville and the surrounding areas to treat animals in the comfort of your own barn or home. Call or Text 832-474-2224 to set up an appointment today!


Darby Guidry

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