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  • June 9, 2016

Circular Wellness LLC

Circular Wellness LLC

Riding Dressage horses, Hunters and Jumpers, Western Pleasure and Race horses, I have a unique understanding of the different demands placed on horse and rider. I have been a practitioner for 5 years and I work on horses, small animals and people also focusing on bio mechanics. Treatment location includes Wellington, FL and surrounding areas, travel outside of that area can be arranged.


Angela Cornes

I've been riding and competing Hunters/Jumpers from a young age and studying dressage through 4th level. I turned professional at age 19 and trained western and hunt seat pleasure horses. At age 24 I started my own business teaching and training H/J and have always been involved in the health and care of my client’s horses.  After coaching a college equestrian team to the top ranks of the local H/J association, I became an assistant trainer with thoroughbred race horses. My extensive background in many disciplines gives me the knowledge to understand the demands placed on each type of horse so that I can develop a therapy plan and recognize reactive points not common for that discipline.  My focus is on the whole horse and rider with a comprehensive knowledge of horse and rider biomechanics.

Jim Cornes, CMWP

Circular Wellness LLC

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