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  • March 4, 2019

CFS Magna Wave

CFS Magna Wave

At CFS MagnaWave Therapy we focus on two things: a more rapid healing of damaged or inflamed tissues resulting in a decreased pain threshold and a quicker return to function; and increased tissue oxygenation resulting in improved athletic performance. At CFS MagnaWave, we use PEMF therapy to accomplish these results in horses, companion animals, livestock, and even their owners. Magnawave PEMF therapy provides a special approach to healing and improved tissue function by focusing attention on the foundational level of the body – the cell. Using pulsed electromagnetic fields to send pulses deep into tissues, PEMF causes the body to stimulate its own natural healing processes or enhance cellular performance levels. The owners of CFS MagnaWave Therapy, Bill and Lynn Bergfeld, have a combined total of over 100 years of experience with livestock, horses, and companion animals. Lynn’s primary focus has been horses and companion animals, having owned, cared for, and shown competitively for most of her life. Bill retired from veterinary practice several years ago, but has served as a consultant with livestock, horse, and companion animal owners since that time. Both Bill and Lynn actively manage a commercial cattle herd, show Arabian performance horses, and own and operate a farm supply store in Conroe, Texas. Because of their experience, they understand the importance of animal health as it relates to performance. And since they actively use PEMF therapy on themselves, they understand its value in human health as well. CFS MagnaWave Therapy works by appointment only. Their routine service area includes locations within a 60 mile radius of Conroe, Texas. Special arrangements can be made if service is needed outside our routine treatment area. In addition, they offer PEMF services to people and animals whenever they travel to horse shows, fairs, or events.


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