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  • April 9, 2019

AZ Horse & Rider Modalities

AZ Horse & Rider Modalities

AZ Horse & Rider Modalities offers holistic and pain free healing to horses, small animals and their humans. This is achieved using several treatment modalities, including MagnaWave PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields). Owner Leisa Brug is a Certified Practitioner who has been active in the equine industry for most her life – from racehorse farm, to ranches to successfully competing in the rodeo and show arenas. PEMF therapy is used world-wide to help improve performance, relieve pain, improve sleep, accelerate healing, prevent illness, and more. Leisa provides PEMF therapy to equine athletes and small animals all over Northern Arizona at her ranch, yours or can be scheduled at shows/events throughout the state. Call or text her at (949) 413-4447 or email to set up an appointment or to host a demonstration where your horse will receive a free treatment (must have five or more participants).


Leisa Brug

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