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  • August 3, 2016

Hardy Horse Therapy

Hardy Horse Therapy

Hardy Horse Therapy understands the need and benefit for all natural, drug free, and noninvasive whole body wellness. PEMF theray can benefit, you, your horse, and any companion animals. I will travel to your barn, event, office, or home and provide PEMF Therapy.

My name is Alana Hardy and I am a Certified Magna Wave Practitioner. I am so passionate about PEMF Therapy because it works! My personal performance horse suffered a severely fractured cannon bone. Upon the first x-ray it appeared the fracture (if blood flow remained restricted) would likely cause the piece of fractured bone to die and he would need to undergo surgery to remove it. I began PEMF therapy, I not only was able to escape the need for surgery but the fracture healed in no time at all, he was back in work only 6 weeks later! Since then I have been able to help many horses, humans, and companion animals. The rewards of providing relief are immeasurable.

Equine Magna Wave PEMF Therapy is unique in its ability to help you find where your horse may be sore, while simultaneously providing noticeable relief. A full body session including attention to specific areas, lasts approximately 30 minutes. Treatment protocols depend on the condition and its severity. Routine treatments are recommended for prevention, maintaining optimal health and peak performance.

Human Magna Wave PEMF Therapy sessions generally last 12-20 minutes. These sessions reduce pain and inflammation, increase range of motion, detect and relieve muscle soreness and stimulate healing. You should discuss using the therapy with your doctor if you have any major medical issues.

Companion Animal Magna Wave PEMF Therapy Sessions generally last 5-30 minutes. The whole dog can be treated or we can target a specific area. Treatment protocols depend on the condition and its severity. Routine treatments are recommended for prevention and maintaining optimal health.


Alana Hardy

Certified Magna Wave Practitioner Certified Infrared Equine Thermographer


“Alana came out and treated all of my performance horses with the Magna Wave. They are all feeling better and riding better afterwards. She worked on a horse that had a good fall at a rodeo and he is back and working good without the soreness. Also while she was out I happened to have a horse colic. After an hour and a half of Banamine and walking we used the MW on her stomach and she pulled out of her colic and was on her way to recovery in no time. I will defiantly be scheduling her to come treat horses

Sam Stringer of Flyn HI Performance Horses

“I had Hardy Horse Therapy treat my horse Dublin after the vet stitched up his head from a major gash. The swelling was very bad and the vet was concerned the skin may not heal up. However, after second treatment all swelling was gone and the wound was healing up. It was amazing and this was all without his medicine because he wouldn’t allow me to touch his head. But he did allow the Magna Wave treatments. She also did my 26-year-old and he is now acting like a 10 year old. I now want her to treat my 15-year-old dog and my other dog which is limping. She also worked on my back after Dublin's and my accident. Pain gone.

Thank you and your machine.

Debi Paris


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