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  • September 24, 2019

Adams Magna Wave PEMF Services

Adams Magna Wave PEMF Services

My husband and I are blessed to work together in the equine industry. We provide equine assisted psychotherapy and personal development services, farrier services, breeding, and extreme cowboy racing! We are excited to add Magna Wave PEMF services to our lineup. We are EAGALA Certified practitioners and have been providing services in South Central Texas for 7 years. My undergraduate work is in Psychology at Walden University, I took some graduate classes at the University of Roehampton but have spent most of my time educating myself in gaining a better understanding of horses, how they think, how their bodies work and the interactions with us humans! We plan to provide PEMF services to animals and humans, horses being a top priority. We will be servicing clients in and around the San Antonio, Texas area.


Susan Adams

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