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Rent to Rent Program

MagnaWave has been working quickly to make sure you have the tools to continue doing business in this ever changing time. We are launching a new program called the “Rent To Rent” program. This will be a Sol or equivalent MagnaWave device that we have in stock, that we will rent to you (the MagnaWave practitioners) for $350 a month! You can then rent these units out to your usual wellness sessions clients with our  “No Contact MagnaWaving” plan.

The idea is that you rent this MagnaWave Sol device and begin asking your current clients if they would like to have the unit dropped off to them. They can do their own wellness session and you can FaceTime or do a Zoom call with them to help get them started. We also will be including basic training videos that we will email directly to you, you can then email them directly to your client. We have a cleaning procedure that we would ask you to follow for the pick up and drop off of the devices.

We are including Gloves, and a mask, with each “Rent to Rent” Sol Machine. We ask that the machines be shipped directly to you , and you handle getting them to your chosen rental destination. We have rental contracts in the Practitioner portal for you to use, but we recommend that you go to RocketLawyer and use their rental contracts for your state. Currently MagnaWave rents the Sol for ONE month ONLY for $650 plus Shipping. The renter would have to return the machine or buy it at that point, this is giving you the option to rent the units for 4 hours, or 8 hours, or one week, at your discretion.  I will have a webinar to let you ask questions and support you with this program Thursday at 2pm. Below are the main points of the “Rent to Rent” program.

– $350 – includes ground shipping in the contiguous United States (Shipping is negotiable out of Country please reply to this email) 

– This program is for 6 months at that time YOU can buy the machine from us for $5850 – we will not sell them directly to your rental clients. Once purchased, we will then ship the butterfly loop to you as this is included with a Sol purchase.

– Includes: Basic Training Videos for you to share with your clients 

– Package Includes:  Sol Machine with Large Loop 

– Ships within 7 to 10 business Days 

– Ships directly to you with cleaning and drop off information 

– You charge whatever you want for rental use 

Feel free to reply to this email with questions OR if you would like to go ahead and order you can click the button below.

You will receive a Docusign contract in your email, once that is completed, you will receive an email with the invoice to pay the $350, Your rental starts when the device ships. The card you use to pay the $350 will be billed every 30 days. You can stop the rental any time during the 6 months by contacting the office and returning a CLEAN working machine to us , at least 5 business days before your monthly payment is due.

If you would like to get started click the button below to begin. If you would like to speak with your product specialist simply reply to this email or hit the “Contact Now” button below

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