Resources for Certified Magna Wave Practitioners

All the sites below are password protected if you need your password reset please call 502-742-7868

Visit your custom Magna Wave Marketing Dashboard to access your contact management system, email templates, and commissions. You must be an affiliate or have a website with us to access this dashboard. Your Login should be in your email if you have signed the affiliate agreement. If you have lost it or can’t find it please call 502-742-7868

Products only offered to Certified Practitioners, including custom marketing flyers, postcards, business cards, banners, and newspapers. Discount codes for accesories, forms to start your website and facebook page subscriptions, how to send your machine in for service, and how to update your listing on this site and more!

This page is password protected when you passed your certification you were emailed the password, if you need it again please call 502-742-7868

Access our exclusive Kajabi site and watch the Magna Wave training videos. Learn how to use machines and access the guideline protocols. The login to this site is emailed to you after you purchase or rent a machine.
If you need the password reset please call 502-742-7868

Successful Practitioner Checklist

Practitioner Event Marketing Requests

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Magna Wave Gear

Look professional with Magna Wave clothing and accessories created with our practitioners in mind! This is password protected please check the email you received when you became certified to access, or call 502-742-7868.