General Wellness

MagnaWave is responsible for stimulating cell metabolism. This action is thought to cause a chain of processes in the body that could lead to better health. The pulsed electromagnetic fields are able to work on a cellular level to promote oxygenation, reduce inflammation, and improve your overall well-being.

Pain Relief – An important health benefit of MagnaWave is to decrease pain tension and swelling without use of harmful drugs. MagnaWave is safe to use without the adverse side effects and dependency that many pain relievers have.

Arthritis – Rheumatism and Osteoarthrosis cause millions of people worldwide to suffer painful and debilitating symptoms. A study showed the health benefits of PEMF on patients with rheumatoid arthritis. There was a reduction in symptoms and pain after MagnaWave.

Improved Blood Circulation – A health benefit of MagnaWave is the improvement of blood circulation throughout the body. An increase in vasodilation allows the blood to flow through the arteries easier.

Bone Healing – The FDA approved PEMF in 1979 for treating non-union fractures. MagnaWave uses PEMF to help accelerate repair of bone and soft tissue.

Migraines – Painful migraines can have a damaging impact on your quality of life. A study showed fewer and less severe migraines were reported after using PEMF.

Depression & Anxiety – a health benefit of MagnaWave could be to decrease the fear and anxiety reactions often accompanied with depression. PEMF was approved in 2006 by the FDA for treating anxiety and depression.

Nerve Repair – Studies have indicated that a health benefit of MagnaWave could be repairing damaged nerves.

Sleep – Relaxation and a deeper natural sleep is a health benefit of MagnaWave. MagnaWave relaxes muscles and decreases stress which improves our sleep.

Range of Motion – MagnaWave is often used on athletes and equine competitors to improve their range of motion.

Diabetes – A health benefit of MagnaWave could be to help with symptoms of Diabetes. Studies have found that PEMF helped diabetic polyneuropathy and boosted the nerve function.

There are many other areas that are receiving health benefits from PEMF. The National Institutes of Health has made PEMF a priority in their research. MagnaWave is involved in three on-going clinical trials studying the PEMF health benefits on pressure wound healing, venous wound healing and arthritis. Much research is still being conducted on the health benefits of PEMF.