MagnaWave For Athletes

MagnaWave uses gentle pulses of electromagnetic fields (PEMF) that are good for our overall health, the immune system, the muscles, joints, and tissues. MagnaWave for athletes is a form of cellular exercise. By delivering PEMF right into your body’s cells, MagnaWave works to increase the uptake of oxygen into the muscle. This helps raise blood and tissue oxygen levels. This increase in oxygen can significantly enhance muscle performance and stamina. 

PEMF has been shown to stimulate the myosin phosphorylation process which produces ATP and energy in the muscles. Strenuous workouts can deplete ATP which creates weak muscles. MagnaWave helps to relieve muscle soreness/pain and reduce muscle tension. By having their muscles working in an optimal fashion, athletes are able to reduce the risk of sports injury and help their body recover faster from any injury. Quick regeneration can be a deciding factor in sports competitions where a fraction of a second can matter.

Benefits for Athletes

  • Improves training with less pain and injury 
  • Reduces inflammation caused by muscle stress 
  • Faster recovery from injuries 
  • Stimulates energy production in the muscle 
  • Helps prevent cellular breakdown during muscle stress situations 
  • Oxygenates blood to improve performance and endurance 
  • Reduces soreness, muscle spasms, cramping and breakdown of tissue after exercise

Who Can Benefit from Using MagnaWave? 

  • Athletes 
  • Athletic Trainers 
  • Director of Sports Medicine 
  • Coaches 
  • Strength Coaches 
  • Director of Olympic Sports Performance (University level) 
  • Sports Agents 
  • Athletic Directors 
  • Chiropractors 
  • Physical Therapists 
  • Orthopedic Surgeons 

Teams and Athletes who use MagnaWave: 

  • Cincinnati Reds 
  • Tennessee Titans 
  • Denver Broncos 
  • Jacksonville Jaguars 
  • Philadelphia Eagles 
  • Louisville City Soccer 
  • Vijay Singh, PGA golfer 
  • Rosie Napravnik, 2-time winner of the Kentucky Oaks