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Now is the time to use PEMF to keep your immune system up and your body healthy!

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Now is the time to use PEMF to keep your immune system up and your body healthy!

All three of these PEMF benefits are essential to a healthy functioning immune system, and are vital to routine healthy body function.  There is some research on PEMF and viral infections, which is promising in that PEMF can: 

We recommend supporting the body with PEMF, which will help maintain a naturally healthy environment with normally functioning cells.  By using PEMF wellness sessions, general health can be supported.  It is important to note, just like in supplement use, that as COVID19 is a new virus no studies on its behavior in relationship to PEMF have been completed.  We would recommend frequent if not daily full body and specifically chest wellness sessions to facilitate the healthiest state possible and therefore limit illness. 

MagnaWave Benefits


An important health benefit of MagnaWave is to decrease pain tension and swelling without use of harmful drugs. MagnaWave is safe to use without the adverse side effects and dependency that many pain relievers have.


Rheumatism and Osteoarthrosis cause millions of people worldwide to suffer painful and debilitating symptoms. A study showed the health benefits of PEMF on patients with rheumatoid arthritis.


A health benefit of MagnaWave could be to decrease the fear and anxiety reactions often accompanied with depression. PEMF was approved in 2006 by the FDA for treating anxiety and depression.


Relaxation and a deeper natural sleep is a health benefit of MagnaWave. MagnaWave relaxes muscles and decreases stress which improves our sleep.


Painful migraines can have a damaging impact on your quality of life. A study showed fewer and less severe migraines were reported after using PEMF.


Studies have indicated that a health benefit of MagnaWave could be repairing damaged nerves.

How Does MagnaWave Work On People?

Research has confirmed numerous benefits of PEMF. The main health benefit of PEMF is to stimulate cell metabolism, which reduces the risk of cell dysfunction. Pulsed electromagnetic fields stimulate chemical and electrical changes around and within the cell. This positive cellular energy creates a chain reaction that provides better cellular function and health. Healthy cells create healthy bodies!

MagnaWave is able to help people live their healthiest life by keeping cells healthy and reducing inflammation. Inflammation is the body’s natural response in self-protection. MagnaWave is able to work at the cellular level to reduce inflammation so the body can function the way it is supposed to. Discover how MagnaWave can aid in your health goals.


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