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Rent with Magna Wave

Magna Wave’s rental program allows you to see, and feel, the benefits of PEMF before you decide to purchase the unit. We send you a brand new machine, with brand new attachments, to use as much as you want during your 1 or 3-month rental period. At the end of the rental period, or any time before, if you decide to purchase, 100% of your rental fee will be applied to your payoff amount. Please call 502-742-7868 to speak with us about how to get started today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We send you a brand new machine with brand new attachments. Once you decide to buy, this is your machine. Please keep in mind that the attachments cannot be swapped out or returned if you decide to buy.

No. The rental period is set and you must decide to buy or return the equipment at the end of the rental period.

The rental period starts the day that the machine is shipped.

No. Rentals must be paid in full.

Yes. This is another benefit of the rental in that you can use this time to secure financing for when you decide to buy.

Yes. You can add certification for $1000. If you decide to buy at the end of the rental period, this will apply 100% to the payoff along with your rental fee. Please be aware that if you add certification, it is not refundable if you decide to return the machine.

100% of the rental fee is applied to the purchase price if you decide to buy. This excludes shipping. If you purchase any certifications during the rental, those fees will apply as well.

We will apply 50% of the rental fee to the purchase of a different machine.

Yes. You can decide to buy the machine at any time during the rental period. Once you buy the machine, you will get added to the certification.

We send you a basic training video with your rental and we also have many educational videos on our YouTube channel.

You simply box up the machine in the packaging and return to us. You do pay shipping back to Magna Wave and no rental fees or certifications purchased are refunded.

Fill out the form below or please call 502-742-7868 to speak with us about how to get started today!