MagnaCon Networking Event

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Join Magna Wave for a day of networking, education and fun!

MagnaCon 2017

Every year Magna Wave hosts a spring networking event for our Certified Practitioners. We have featured speakers and a round table where you can meet other practitioners and see how they are running there businesses and how they are using their PEMF machines to help people, and animals. Speak with Pat Ziemer and the whole Magna Wave Family!!

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See all of our newest products first! Spring Event attendees get to see everything we have been working on including products, and marketing solutions and more! We also sell all of our products at discounted rates!

[heading header_type=”h2″]Giveaways, Freebies & Fun!![/heading]

Not only will you learn a lot at the spring event you will also get a lot! We giveaway attachments, marketing materials and gift certificates! Last but not least we GO TO Historic Churchill Downs for dinner and races! Where everyone has a chance to go down to the Paddock and winner’s circle for The Magna Wave Classic Race!!

There is NO other EVENT like this! All of our Certified Practitioners are invited!!

2017 MagnaCon Speaker Amanda Meyers, MD explains what Magna Wave PEMF is and why it works. She breaks down the science and explains why PEMF works so well in terms that everyone can understand.

Dr. Marty Goldstein shows how to use a PEMF machines on pets.

Dr. Jerry Dreessen demonstrates Magna Wave PEMF technology on a person.

Pat Ziemer demonstrates Magna Wave PEMF technology on a horse.

Photos of all the fun and educational events from this year’s MagnaCon!