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LubriSyn HA Supplement of the Week Wellness Webinar

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LubriSynHA Supplement

LubriSyn HA Supplement of the Week Wellness Webinar

Feat. Pat Ziemer and Alex Hassinger

In a recent Thursday afternoon Magna Wave wellness webinar, Magna Wave CEO Pat Ziemer spoke with Alex Hassinger head of marketing and sales of LubriSyn HA supplements. LubriSyn HA supplement is an oral hyaluronic acid lubricant that works very well for joint issues and inflammation.

LubriSyn makes several supplements, a hyaluronic acid lubricant, available in multiple formulas at Magna Wave PEMF:

In the beginning…

A lifetime horseman, Alex first used LubriSyn HA supplement on a filly that had never raced and had baseball-sized ankles that stayed filled up all the time. After he started giving it to her, he noticed in just a few days, the inflammation had decreased.

So, he began giving LubriSyn HA supplement to a lot of different horses, for different reasons. They might’ve been stiff in the behind, or maybe they had a puffy knee. He saw near consistent results in all of those horses. There was a reduction in inflammation and improvement in the way they moved. They were starting to feel better, so that was a simple premise of it.

Did you have horses that didn’t respond to LubriSyn HA supplement the way you expected?

“Some responded differently,” says Hassinger. “Some took longer to respond than others. All mammals metabolize things differently. I think there was the odd horse that it didn’t help much, but maybe it wasn’t a joint related problem. That horse might’ve had a muscle problem, or a gluteal issue, or shoulder.”

Lubrisyn HA Supplement of the Week Wellness Webinar

When you saw LubriSyn HA supplement was working, how did you mix it into your regimen?

“The most important thing about managing a horse, is creating a great foundation they can stay sound on and knowing when to push them and when not to,” says Hassinger. “The other thing is having a really good diagnostic veterinarian that can pinpoint where problems are and where they are not. Horses being quadrupeds (meaning they have four legs), you might look at the animal and say “well he’s got a left ankle it’s puffy and sore.” But that might not be the primary problem. That could be the secondary issue. Maybe the problem began with him coming off the right hind landing hard on the left front. So, it’s really discerning too. We have to figure out what exactly the problem is, and where it’s coming from.”

Through the evolution of first starting to use LubriSyn HA supplement, Hassinger says he put everything on the product because he saw the positive changes. If a horse didn’t run well they would do a physical exam to determine the problem. Gradually, they were able to decrease the use of joint injections. Which was important because when a joint injection is given, they’re injecting hyaluronic acid, but also injecting cortisone which degrades joints over time.

Can you address the half-life of an injection and tell us a little bit about how LubriSyn HA supplement supports when someone has to inject?

Hassinger says that joint injections with hyaluronic acid will metabolize in 36 hours in a horse’s system. There will be a couple of days where it’s beneficial then it’s going to wear off. Those are the peaks and valleys of injections.

With LubriSyn HA supplement, since it’s given every day, there’s always a bioavailable serum level that’s constant, in the bloodstream. This allows the joints to pull hyaluronic acid into the end of the joint and support the synovial membrane and the health of the synovial fluid.

Can they have too much hyaluronic acid or too much LubriSyn HA supplement in the system?

“Not really,” says Hassinger. “It’s kind of like vitamin C.  Your body takes in what it needs then passes what it doesn’t.”

Hassinger elaborates they’ve pinpointed a half an ounce (that’s a 15 ml dose of LubriSyn HA supplement), is good for horses up to 1200 pounds. But if the horse has a pre-existing condition they might need to be on a loading dose (double dose) for a few weeks (or a month). Some Grand Prix horses that are 13 years old and 1,400 pounds put a lot of stress on their joints, they might need the 30 ml dose every day.

A 15ml dose of LubriSynHA supplement is good for horses up to 1200 pounds.

An Ounce of Prevention

LubriSyn HA supplement is safe and all natural. It gives to the body what the mammal is not producing. Mammals, horses, dogs, and people as they age their natural production of hyaluronic acid drops. If you take a sound horse and put them through any kind of activity, you’re going to break down synovial fluid. If LubriSyn HA supplement is in their system, it’s going to regenerate that synovial fluid on a daily basis.

When the synovial fluid, or the synovial membrane is healthy, it’ll pass the proper nutrients to help revitalize cartilage and keep the synovial fluid thick and viscous.

During a loading dose, how long can someone expect, before they start seeing or feeling a difference with people, small animals or horses?

With most horses, you’ll begin seeing improvements in seven to ten days. The ones with arthritic conditions, are older or are performance horses with joint problems, it’s usually seven to ten days. Sometimes it can be fourteen days, maybe even two weeks. But many people say they see a change.

Every mammal is different. They’re all going to metabolize it differently. Dogs metabolize hyaluronic acid a lot quicker. With dogs, you can give it to an arthritic dog and see a huge change in two to three days.

There’s a vet out of Colorado who used LubriSyn HA supplement on a dog who wasn’t recovering from TPLO surgery well. It helped so much that now, after every surgery, he sends a dog home with a bottle of LubriSyn HA supplement. It’s become a great post-op type scenario.

Topical Applications

Rodeo cowboys with arthritic hands say LubriSyn HA supplement works in as little as two to three days. It’s fast-acting because it’s a liquid. Specifically, it’s a liquid high molecular weight hyaluronic acid. Which is different than a powder or a pill. The liquid is absorbed in the mucosal membranes of the mouth and the esophagus allowing it to enter the bloodstream in 30 minutes.

When it’s in the bloodstream it goes to every joint of the body. That’s also different than injections. With injections, a specific place that’s sore is injected, like the hocks or an ankle. That specific joint is the only area the hyaluronic acid is going to reach.

Cosmetic Appeal

Hyaluronic acid is in every cell of the body, so it’s a hydrophilic molecule. That’s why we see a lot of cosmetic companies putting hyaluronic acid in topical cosmetics. It’s going to attract water. It’s going to help with the wrinkles, but help the other quality of the skin as well. It’s going to hydrate.

Wound Care

LubriSyn HA Topical spray gel has hexyl resorcinol which is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic. This is in the gel, speeds up the healing process of a wound. When a horse has a wound, you need to clean it and keep it so there are no bacteria in there, but when a wound dries it won’t heal.

LubriSyn HA Topical:

  • Keeps the wound hydrated
  • Is human-grade
  • Produced in an FDA pharmaceutical laboratory
LubriSynHA Topical speeds up the healing process of a wound.

Is It Just like Vetericyn?

Vetericyn is a good product and people have used it for a long time. But LubriSyn HA Topical is very different. It’s more advanced than a Vetericyn type product, because of the hyaluronic acid and the speed of healing. When you have a wound, the trickiest part is getting that wound to close over and regrow hair, that’s the goal and this product will do that.

Since LubriSyn HA supplements first began, has the formula changed?

Yes. It’s changed a little bit. In the human product there’s 25% more HA because people metabolize it differently, kind of like dogs, a hundred-pound dog is going to get the same dose as a 1200-pound horse because they turn it over so much quicker.

People need a little bit higher quantity of HA for it to be more effective. That was the first change. The second change is, LubriSyn introduced LubriSyn HA Plus, the bottle will have a little plus symbol on it. That’s fortified with MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) which is a plant.

LubriSyn HA Plus MSM is great for:

  • Bones
  • Skin
  • Hair health
  • Is a natural anti-inflammatory
  • Antioxidant

Most importantly, MSM works synergistically with the hyaluronic acid, providing a quicker response. With inflammation down, friction and pain are reduced. Pair that with hyaluronic acid to regenerate synovial joint fluid, and the healing process is sped up.

Magna Wave and LubriSynHA, A Great Duet!

Magna Wave and LubriSyn HA, a Great Duet

Magna Wave improves oxygenation and blood flow; as well as, the bloods ability to better take on the nutrients that are available to it. When you put LubriSyn HA supplement into the body and the blood is ready to take on oxygen, ready to take on these nutrients, they are absorbed easier.

Are there any ingredients which may cause issues with drug testing in horses performing with the USDF or the USEI?

LubriSyn HA supplement is all-natural and will not test. Somewhere between six and eight Derby winners were on it. MSM was on a ban list for FEI competitors for a while, that may be different now. We recommend going on the FEI website to be certain.

Where can we find the full ingredient list?

The full ingredient list can be viewed on or

How does molecular weight play a role?

In 2004 The Journal of Applied Nutrition best explained the importance of molecular weight. There are a few things hyaluronic acid needs to be that makes it beneficial for joints:

  • It has to be in a liquid form so it’s absorbed because it’s only absorbed in the mucosal membranes in the mouth and the esophagus. A powdered HA product has to go into the stomach. It’s not going to be absorbed that way, stomach acids will break it down.
  • The study also says that it needs to be a high molecular weight. At first, people were saying it needed to be a low molecular weight, but a low molecular hyaluronic acid has inflammatory responses. A high molecular weight has anti-inflammatory responses. It’s very important. LubriSyn HA supplement is 2.4 million Dalton’s which is bioidentical 2 healthy synovial fluid.

Have you found that if you use the LubriSyn HA supplement on horses, that haven’t had injections, that they won’t need to have injections?

Cellos II, a Grand Prix Jumper has been on LubriSyn HA supplement since 2005,” says Hassinger. “I think they’ve only injected one time. That’s the point of starting early enough.” The goal, he goes on to say, is to prevent injuries, and to reduce or eliminate injections.