Magna Wave Julian Equine Bundle | Magna Wave PEMF

“I have found the Julian machine to be reliable and effective, as well as more easily transportable than the Maxx. The timer on this unit is fantastic–it eliminates the need for wearing a timepiece. The air intake filter helps keep the interior of the machine cleaner when working in duster environments. Overall, I say the machine is a hit!”

– Robin Biehl, CMWP


All-Terrain, Strong, Spark Chamber

The Magna Wave Julian PEMF machine is the newest analog (spark-chamber)machine that produces a similar intensity, pulse rate, and waveform as units many times its price, with an easily adjustable control the Julian can treat at a very low setting or a higher setting and everything in between. Built for easy transportation and durability, The Julian comes in a dust and water resistant case, with large wheels and 3 easy to access handles that make it perfect for indoor or outdoor travel. The Julian is manufactured to be affordable and compete with other higher priced units. Lightweight and easy to use, it can fit in the overhead bin of most large aircrafts and can be wheeled easily through an office, gym or even barn! The Julian also has a fully adjustable timer, so you can set it and forget it, from 3 to 90 minutes the machine keeps running. For more information see the technical specifications listed below, or fill out the purchase information button and we will send you a detailed email and video.

  • Analog Machine (Spark Chamber)
  • High Voltage – Low Frequency
  • Short treatment times. Great for people, horses, and pets
  • 2-plug machine with a variable timer
  • 3-year full warranty and 7-year extended warranty at no additional cost
  • 30-day money back guarantee less a restocking fee
  • Online and hands-on training included with your purchase
  • Comes with 3 certifications
Julian Specifications
  • Input Voltage: 120V/240V; 50Hz/60Hz
  • Output Frequency: 1-50Hz
  • Inverter & Plug Adapter needed for use outside of U.S.
  • All-Terrain case: 30 lbs; 24″ H x 15″ W x 9″ D
  • Shipping takes 7-10 business days
  • Sales tax for Kentucky residents only

Horses love magna wave

Pain Relief. Faster Recovery. Improved Performance.

I can’t even begin to explain what Magna Wave has done for me! Initially, I looked into PEMF therapy for my personal barrel horse who was suffering from a torn tendon, and had been lame for over 2 years! We tried EVERYTHING and had no luck. After only a month of daily treatments, he was the soundest he had been in over two years, and I was able to ride him again!

Kendra Smith

Thumper has very severe and very painful arthritis in his knees. Since July he has been getting regular Magna Wave treatments. Because of his knees being so painful he could not go down and roll, just hurt too much for him… but today he was in his glory rolling around!!! I’ve seen the amazing results of Magna Wave on Thumper and I am so happy that I decided to schedule a Magna Wave PEMF treatment for him. These treatments have been a miracle and I can’t even describe the happiness I feel seeing him without pain!

Lin Kahmer

I gladly and wholeheartedly testify that the Magna Wave PEMF machine works and have seen awesome results with my horse, Cruiser! He was having some hoof issues last year that caused soreness all over, but especially in his right shoulder! After receiving PEMF treatments with the Magna Wave he was visibly more comfortable and it reflected in his warming up more calmly and running faster times! Thank you for a wonderful and helpful product!

Faye Schuler