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Why PEMF Therapy is the Future of Chiropractic

Why PEMF Therapy is the Future of Chiropractic

Many practitioners believe that PEMF therapy is the future of Chiropractic as it is an effective, drug-free method of creating muscle stimulation and long-term pain relief. Nikola Tesla first explored the use of electromagnetic waves and how the body might respond in beneficial ways in the late 1800’s. Since then there has been much research done on PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy has been used throughout the world for many years. Scientists are still making discoveries and learning about the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy. Chiropractors are incorporating the science-based modality, PEMF therapy, into their practice to help patients lead a normal, active lifestyle.

Magna Wave therapy can compliment Chiropractic care to help the body heal faster and manage pain without side effects.

Chiropractic PEMF Therapy Works on Cellular Level

PEMF therapy is used to positively impact energy within damaged or injured cells. PEMF therapy stimulates the body’s cells with a pulsed electromagnetic field and encourages a return to normal function. PEMF therapy is non-invasive and offers no adverse side effects. This aligns well with the chiropractic philosophy, which encourages the body’s innate healing ability. PEMF therapy is the future of chiropractic practices because it is a modality that optimized the self-healing environment.

PEMF Therapy in Chiropractic Practice

PEMF therapy has been cleared by the FDA for use on non-invasive bone growth and repair. After a broken bone has been set, PEMF therapy can help give the body the energy needed to complete the repair and can be effective in pain management. Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP talks to Pat Ziemer, CEO of Magna Wave about using PEMF therapy for the quick relief of pain. Chiropractors have found a favorable response to PEMF therapy in treating persistent wounds, pain, swelling and improving range of motion. PEMF therapy is used on a wide range of disorders and can be beneficial to many different patients. Some feel that chronic fatigue, insomnia, acute/chronic pain and depression could result from a deficiency of exposure to earth’s natural magnetic field. PEMF therapy helps bring our bodies’ energy back into balance. PEMF therapy is relatively low in cost, yet very effective. PEMF therapy is the future of Chiropractic practices as it offers the best non-invasive, natural, safe and effective modality available.

PEMF therapy is relatively low in cost, yet very effective
The Magna Wave Maia is well-suited for a Chiropractic office with easily controlled and adjusted pulse and magnetic strength.

Chiropractic Sessions of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy is not painful and is applied while the patient is fully dressed. Most find it to be relaxing. Many Chiropractors see the best results after several sessions of PEMF therapy. Chronic pain could take 6-24 sessions of Chiropractic PEMF Therapy, but positive results can be seen after only a few treatments. Results can depend on the equipment used and the condition being treated. Chiropractic Therapy can achieve the best results with a high power, low-frequency PEMF device. This type of devices takes less time for the effects to be seen. The Magna Wave Maia, a digital powered, state-of-the-art PEMF therapy device is well suited for a Chiropractic office. The Magna Wave Maia offers integrated engineering and electronics that allow for easily controlled and adjusted pulse and magnetic strength. You can also completely track treatment times, medical records and have consistent treatment schedules with the Maia. The quick and gratifyingly positive outcomes in treating both acute and chronic conditions have made PEMF therapy an integral factor in the future of Chiropractic practice. This means greater patient satisfaction, better compliance, and higher return and referral rates for the Chiropractic practice.

PEMF Therapy is the Future of Chiropractic with Magna Wave

Magna Wave can help you bring PEMF therapy to your Chiropractic practice. Magna Wave offers training and certification and different options to purchase a PEMF therapy device. Magna Wave manufactures top quality PEMF devices for use in Chiropractic practices made in the USA with the best warranties. The professional staff at Magna Wave is always available with the best in customer service.

Magna Wave PEMF therapy is the future of Chiropractic profession as it helps distinguish your practice by offering the most up to date and effective alternative natural modality.