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What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

What is Electromagnetic Therapy?

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy is used to “jump start” our bodies’ own electromagnetic system. Electromagnetic therapy devices produce pulses which pass through our body to help stimulate and rejuvenate cells correcting any imbalances. This improves cell metabolism, regeneration abilities, and contributes to improved repair of tissues. The result is better cellular health and function. Electromagnetic therapy is often referred to as PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field).

What is Electromagnetic Therapy and Is It Safe?

Electromagnetic therapy is safe to use and has no adverse side effects. Electromagnetic therapy is non-invasive and applied while you are fully dressed. PEMF is not painful; in fact, many people find it to be relaxing. Electromagnetic therapy sessions are between 10- 30 minutes a week depending on condition being treated.

PEMF practitioners believe that having our electromagnetic field in balance promotes and maintains good health. Many practitioners recommend electromagnetic therapy alongside more conventional procedures and medication. This can reduce dependence on heavy drugs and speed recovery time for fast safe treatment.

However, pregnant women and anyone with an implanted device, such as a pacemaker, should not use Electromagnetic Therapy. Always check with your doctor before adding additional therapies to your treatment.

Electromagnetic therapy helps our body to have better blood supply and circulation.

What is Electromagnetic Therapy and How does it work?

Pulsed electromagnetic therapy penetrates every cell, tissue, organ and bones stimulating the electrical and chemical processes in the tissues, improving cell metabolism, regeneration, and repairing of tissue. Electromagnetic therapy helps our body to have a better blood supply and circulation. When our cells become well oxygenated they will detoxify, regenerate and reproduce. This helps to boost the immune system and resistance to infections are improved. This helps with the treatment of many different ailments.

What is Electromagnetic Therapy Used for in the Body?

  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Improve immunity system and help prevent infection
  • Improve circulation
  • Improve blood/tissue oxygen supply
  • Help relieve stress
  • Promote better sleep
  • Help cells to regenerate
  • Accelerate bone and soft tissue repair
  • Relaxes muscle tension

When our cells function properly, overall better health is achieved. The National Institutes of Health have made electromagnetic therapy a priority for research. There are well documented trials by hospitals, rheumatologists, physiotherapists and neurologists using electromagnetic therapy and its effects on different ailments.

Athletes use electromagnetic therapy for increased endurance, enhanced performance and faster recovery.

What is Electromagnetic Therapy Used for Commercially?

Electromagnetic therapy is used by medical professionals, vets, athletic trainers, chiropractors, physical therapists and even individuals in a private home setting. Veterinarians use electromagnetic therapy for better performance and recovery in horses, wildlife and pets. Many Olympic athletes use electromagnetic therapy for increased endurance, enhanced performance and faster recovery.

Research has shown using electromagnetic therapy can aid in the healing of most wounds, regenerating tissue and reducing swelling.

More than 33% of Americans suffer from chronic pain. They want relief without harmful drugs, surgeries or deep injections. Many doctors prescribe pain medications that can be very addictive and potentially harmful. Electromagnetic therapy could be used as an alternative. Recently, Dr. Oz featured electromagnetic therapy on this television show. This has helped to draw attention to what is electromagnetic therapy as an alternative to treat pain and other ailments.

Many people are asking “What is Electromagnetic Therapy Used to Treat?”

  • Migraine headaches
  • Chronic Pain
  • Stress and Depression
  • Muscle, ligament and tendon strains & sprains
  • Insomnia
  • Help in healing wounds
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Circulatory disorders
Veterinarians use electromagnetic therapy for better performance and recovery in horses, wildlife and pets.

What is Electromagnetic Therapy Device Intensity?

Electromagnetic therapy devices can vary in intensity, frequency and waveforms. High intensity, low frequency PEMF devices usually show effects sooner. In addition, electromagnetic therapy devices can be analog or digital. Pat Ziemer, CEO of Magna Wave PEMF, explains the difference between analog and digital electromagnetic therapy devices.

What is Magna Wave Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy?

Magna Wave electromagnetic therapy devices are made in the USA and come with an extended warranty. If you wish to rent an electromagnetic device from Magna Wave, 100% of your rental payments will be applied toward your purchase price. Magna Wave pulsed electromagnetic therapy machines are the only devices tested by the FDA. If you are seeking a proven, healthy alternative for drug free pain relief, Magna Wave electromagnetic machines are the most powerful, most sold and most effective!