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PEMF Therapy for Cats

PEMF Therapy for Cats

PEMF therapy for cats is a safe, non-invasive alternative to using harmful NSAIDs for relief of pain. Cats are not tolerant of pain medications and can have kidney failure from even small doses. NSAIDs can have dangerous side effects that include vomiting & diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and liver disease. PEMF therapy for cats acts is a form of pain relief in chronic degenerative conditions. It and can help speed recovery from traumatic injuries. Many Veterinarians offer PEMF therapy for cats as a stand-alone or adjunctive treatment modality.

How PEMF Therapy for Cats Works

PEMF therapy for cats delivers pulsed electromagnetic fields in the body and helps to promote healing. It stimulates the healing process at the cellular level. Pulsed electromagnetic fields have been shown to regenerate cells and improve the oxygen utilization of diseased or damaged tissue. This helps to reduce pain and increase blood flow, accelerating the body’s natural healing process. Cats and other animals seem to instinctively know that PEMF therapy is good for them.

Cats instinctively know that PEMF therapy is good for them.

PEMF Therapy for Cats Research

There is accumulating clinical evidence that supports the use of PEMF therapy for cats. Research on PEMF therapy for use on cats and other small animals shows significant improvement in healing and recovery times. There is no placebo effect with animals, which lends credibility to their findings. PEMF therapy for cats can be used safely alongside other treatments to improve outcomes.

Veterinarians prescribe PEMF therapy for cats suffering from arthritis and bone damage.

Different Ailments Treated with PEMF Therapy for Cats

Cats can develop painful arthritis as they age. PEMF therapy for cats can help reduce the pain of arthritis. It also facilitates the regeneration of cartilage, making it an effective therapy for cats suffering from arthritis and bone damage. As popularity grows, more Veterinarians offer PEMF therapy for cats at their practice.

Good Reviews on PEMF Therapy for Cats

Dr. Marty Goldstein is the #1 best-selling author of The Nature of Animal Healing: The Definitive Holistic Medicine Guide to Caring for Your Dog and Cat. He uses many forms of integrative medicine in his practice. Dr. Goldstein uses a Magna Wave device to administer PEMF therapy for cats and dogs on a daily basis. He appreciates that you don’t have to have a definitive medical diagnosis to treat with PEMF therapy.

Magna Wave PEMF machines use low-frequency electromagnetic pulses to treat many common conditions in cats and felines. Nancy Hughes, Sr. Veterinary Technician, LVT, University of Louisville tells how she used PEMF therapy for their 17 year old cat with lower back and hip issues. After using Magnawaving therapy, his energy was renewed and he was playing like a kitten.

Improve your pets wellness with PEMF therapy for cats.

Devices for PEMF Therapy for Cats at Magna Wave

Magna Wave is a family owned business offering the best in PEMF therapy devices. There are several different PEMF therapy devices to choose from. Magna Wave also offers complete training and certification. If you are looking to improve your veterinary practice or for need PEMF therapy for cats in-home use, the experienced staff at Magna Wave are standing by to assist.

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