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PEMF Side Effects

PEMF Side Effects

As PEMF therapy becomes popular for pain relief and many other disorders, people are asking about PEMF side effects. Decades of studies have been made on the positive influence of PEMF therapy on many different ailments. These studies have found PEMF therapy to be beneficial to both humans and animals with no adverse side effects. It is estimated that approximately 5% of patients experience some form of PEMF side effects. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) therapy works at a cellular level to increase oxygen utilization of diseased or damaged tissues. This allows cells to create the energy necessary for function and repair.

PEMF Side Effects and Risks

When exposed to the pulsed electromagnetic field, cells are exercised, stretched and relaxed. Oxygen content within cells is increased stimulating cells to release toxins. At the start of PEMF therapy you might experience mild discomfort from the enhanced metabolic activities at the cellular level. Your body might experience mild PEMF side effects that could include; nausea, lethargy, headache, fatigue and muscle ache. Exercising normally inactive cells could cause you to experience some stiffness or discomfort as found in any new exercise program. A good habit is to drink plenty of water before and after PEMF therapy to maintain optimal cellular hydration. Water is essential for the transport of toxins for elimination. PEMF side effects are usually minor and short-lived. People sensitive to electromagnetic fields report more incidence of PEMF side effects.

Precautions to Reduce PEMF Side Effects

Some simple precautions can be taken to reduce any risk of PEMF side effects. These include;

Implanted Electrical Devices – Do not use PEMF therapy if you have a pacemaker or other implanted devices that are battery operated or magnetically charged.

Hearing Aids – Should be removed when using PEMF therapy as they may not work properly

Items with Metal, Batteries, and Magnets – remove chain linked necklaces, automatic car key openers, credit cards or any other items that contain batteries or are magnetic

Electronic Devices – Cell phones and other devices should be kept approx. 3 feet away from PEMF therapy cables

Remove automatic car key openers, credit cards or any other items that contain batteries or are magnetic.

Pregnancy – You should not use PEMF therapy while pregnant. This has not been safety tested and the PEMF side effects on unborn children are unknown at this time.

Active Bleeding – Do not use PEMF therapy if you have heavy bleeding due to hemorrhaging or a heavy menstruation. PEMF therapy increases the flow of blood. If using an anticoagulant medication practice caution with PEMF therapy.

Low Blood Pressure – PEMF therapy might lower blood pressure and decrease heart rate. This PEMF side effect could potentially be harmful to the weak, elderly, anyone on medication to lower blood pressure, or has easily affected blood pressure. This PEMF side effect could halt as the body’s systems stabilize with treatment.

Intensity/ Frequency – High intensity/ low-frequency PEMF therapy works quicker and more efficiently. Initial reactions help your certified Magna Wave PEMF practitioner determine the optimal use and duration needed to achieve the most out of your therapy.

The body adapts to therapy and PEMF side effects can significantly diminish or halt completely, especially when the side effects were minor.

PEMF Therapy Expectations

Therapy is administered by a practitioner that has been certified by Magna Wave to safely operate devices reducing any PEMF side effects. PEMF therapy can be administered in a practitioner’s office, horse stable, or at home. Your response to PEMF therapy can depend on health, medications being taken, antioxidant levels and other factors. You receive PEMF therapy while remaining fully dressed. Pulsed electromagnetic fields penetrate completely through joints and muscles. You can feel the pulsing electromagnetic current and you may experience a sensation of muscle twitching. This effect is moderate and not painful or uncomfortable. Many patients find PEMF therapy to be relaxing. Most individuals find that PEMF therapy offers immediate and progressive relief.

You may experience a sensation of muscle twitching.

PEMF Therapy as an Alternative

Most choose PEMF therapy as an alternative therapy as they realize that drugs only mask symptoms. PEMF therapy usually accelerates healing and recovery. PEMF therapy could offer better outcomes in wound healing, tissue degeneration, pain, swelling, spasm, inflammation, mood, strength and mobility. PEMF therapy is often used to compliment other health and wellness therapies without adverse side effects. PEMF side effects are temporary and tend to resolve in hours or at most days.

Most individuals find that PEMF therapy offers immediate and progressive relief.

Magna Wave Knowledgeable on PEMF Side Effects

Magna Wave has been in this business for over 10 years and can answer all your questions about PEMF side effects. Magna Wave offers PEMF therapy devices for both individuals and professionals. Magna Wave PEMF therapy devices are made in the USA and are FDA safety tested. Magna Wave professionals are always available for customer service, certification and training on PEMF therapy and/or devices. If you would like to find a practitioner in your area, Magna Wave can help.

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