Magna Wave PEMF For Your Pets

PEMF for Pets

PEMF for Pets (Pulsed Electro-magnetic Field) is a good alternative to drugs for the treatment of pain and inflammation in your dog or cat. NSAIDs can have possibly harmful side effects. These commonly include digestive upset, stomach ulcers and liver disease. NSAIDs do work but many are seeking alternatives.

Magna Wave is a 10 year old family owned business offering PEMF for pets. PEMF for pets is non-invasive and lacks any adverse effects. PEMF for pets uses pulsing magnetic fields to initiate normal biological cellular reactions that result in improved circulation and provide pain relief. It can be used for a variety of causes such as arthritis, surgery, and wounds. PEMF for pets increases cell metabolism, oxygenation and nutrient absorption. This helps reduce inflammation and promotes healing in your dog or cat.

Ask your vet how PEMF therapy can help your pet!

Dogs and Cats Live Longer and Happier Lives with PEMF for Pets!

Dogs and cats seem to instinctively know that PEMF for pets is good for them and are naturally attracted. PEMF for pets keeps your dog or cat calm and relaxed throughout the process. Animals have an accelerated metabolism and are more sensitive to PEMFs than humans, and respond more quickly.

After receiving your Vet’s diagnosis, ask about PEMF for Pets. Conscientious pet owners are seeking Holistic forms of treatment more often. PEMF for Pets can be used with traditional treatments or with alternative veterinary medical treatments. Enthusiasm for PEMF for pets’ techniques is growing as new research and applications expand.

Please note – If your dog or cat has any implanted electronic devices or is pregnant, you should not receive PEMF for Pets treatment.