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Many veterinarians are beginning to use PEMF for cats. PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) for cats is used to treat pain and other ailments. Older cats can develop arthritis which is very painful. PEMF for cats can help. Magna Wave PEMF is safe to use on dogs, cats, horses, and humans.
It can be hard to be sure if your cat is receiving their daily dose of medication. Trying to give your cat medication can be stressful to both the owner and the cat. PEMF for cats is easy to use. Cats aren’t stressed using PEMF for cats. They accept the treatment very well.

PEMF for Cats Improves Cellular Health

PEMF for cat’s therapy increases the amount of nitric oxide in the circulatory system. Nitric oxide supports the healing of tissues and bones. This means the healing process is shortened and pain is reduced quicker. PEMF for cats increases cell metabolism, oxygenation and nutrient absorption within the cells. Animals have a higher metabolic rate than humans. This makes their responses to PEMF for cats more dramatic. PEMF for cats helps in many different areas. Listed below are just a few of the benefits using PEMF for cats.

Just a Few Benefits of Using PEMF for Cats:

• PEMF for cats reduces inflammation
• PEMF for cats improves circulation
• PEMF for cats improves the healing process
• PEMF for cats gives drug-free pain relief
• PEMF for cats helps strengthen the immune system
• PEMF for cats helps stimulate acupuncture points
• PEMF for cats accelerates tissue healing
• PEMF for cats increases cellular regeneration

PEMF for cats is a non-invasive treatment. There are no adverse side effects using PEMF for cats. The placebo effect does not exist with animals. This adds to the scientific credibility and validity to using PEMF for cats.

It can be hard to give cats medications. PEMF for cats can be simple. Cats are instinctively attracted to PEMF for cats and usually tolerate it well. Cats stay calm and relaxed throughout the PEMF Therapy. PEMF for cats is often used on older animals with arthritis pain.

PEMF for cats penetrates the entire volume of the animal’s body. The PEMF for cats therapy stimulates every individual cell in their path. This increases the metabolism and energy in the individual cells. PEMF for cats dramatically improves their healing process for the animal.

Check with your veterinarian about using PEMF for cats along with other treatments.

Cats are Very Sensitive to the Use of NSAIDs

Check with your veterinarian about using PEMF for cats along with other treatments. In a lot of cases, pain medications can be greatly reduced or stopped altogether with PEMF for cats. NSAIDs, which are often prescribed for pain relief, can have dangerous side effects. NSAIDs side effects include vomiting & diarrhea, stomach ulcers, and liver disease. Cats are less tolerant of pain medication and can have kidney failure even from small doses. PEMF for cats can be used adjunct to surgical intervention, physical therapy, and alternative modalities or pharmaceutical pain management. In many cases, PEMF for cats will replace pain medication as a long term treatment. Using a multimodal pain management plan that includes PEMF for cats, can help improve your pet’s comfort, mobility, and quality of life while reducing risks for life-threatening side effects from medications.

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field Treatment for Cats Promotes Healing, Reduces Inflammation, Treatments Arthritis, Provides Pain Relief

PEMF for Cats Testimonials and Reviews

This is just one of many testimonials about Magna Wave PEMF for Cats. See this and many more reviews on Cats, Dogs and Horses here.

Magna Wave offers Different PEMF for Cats Devices

Magna Wave offers several PEMF for Cats devices that are small in size and portable. Read about Magna Wave’s different PEMF devices here. The staff at Magna Wave are ready to assist you with which device would work best for PEMF for cats.

Magna Wave is a family owned business offering PEMF devices for over 10 years. Magna Wave PEMF for cats devices are made in the USA and are third party safety tested. PEMF for cats devices come with a warranty and support and training from Magna Wave.

Magna Wave PEMF for Cats is a Certified, Natural Treatment for Cats
Improvements in technology have resulted in expansion into machines for smaller animals, making PEMF for Cats possible. Many veterinary practices now offer magnetic therapy for cats.
Ask your veterinarian about PEMF for Cats and how it can help your pet feel better!