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How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes?

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes?

How does PEMF therapy help athletes? PEMF therapy helps athletes stay in the game and perform at their peak with muscles that work harder, longer and recover faster. PEMF therapy accelerates healing which allows athletes to be healthier, stronger and perform better. Training sessions become more effective and recovery periods are shortened with PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy helps athletes perform to the maximum of their ability while making it look effortless.

PEMF leads to a faster recovery and ability to return to competition.

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes Perform?

PEMF therapy helps athletes to perform better by having their muscles working in an optimal fashion. This helps reduce the risk of injury. PEMF therapy increases oxygen in the muscles, which enhances muscle performance and stamina. Maximizing performance decreases the risk of injury. Many athletes experience serious accidents in training or competitions that result in torn muscles, pulled tendons, dislocated joints and broken bones. Athletes experience benefits to their entire body and exhibit better performance with PEMF therapy. These are some of the ways PEMF therapy can help athletes;

  • Increases speed, strength, stamina, and range of motion
  • Reduces soreness, stiffness, and swelling
  • Accelerates healing of wounds, soft tissue injuries, fractures and illness
PEMF therapy increases oxygen in the muscles, which enhances muscle performance and stamina.

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes Recover?

PEMF therapy reduces muscle tension and soreness after strenuous workouts. PEMF therapy stimulates ATP production which is essential for cell energy. Strenuous workouts can deplete ATP, causing weak muscles. PEMF therapy also reduces the amount of time our bodies need to repair themselves. Injuries & exercise can produce swelling in the tissues, delaying the ability of the tissues to be nourished with oxygen and nutrients. PEMF therapy penetrates tissues deeply to reduce swelling and speed removal of the blood in a bruise. This leads to a faster recovery and ability to return to competition. PEMF therapy helps reduce pain & swelling, decrease the irritability of nerves, relaxes muscles, and improves circulation. Dr. Jerry Dreessen DC, CCSP has treated weightlifters with Magna Wave PEMF therapy with incredible results. Dr. Dreessen and Pat Ziemer discuss how Magna Wave PEMF therapy has helped athletes with recovery and performance.

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes Physically?

PEMF therapy stimulates cellular repair to improve your body’s overall performance. PEMF therapy help athletes physically by improving their circulation, increasing oxygen in blood, improving cell metabolism and enhancing the body’s own natural healing and regeneration powers. PEMF therapy pulses electromagnetic waves deep into the body and enables the cells to be better able to release waste, toxins and inflammation and receive oxygen and nutrients. Increased oxygen to the cells can significantly increase muscle performance and endurance. PEMF therapy increases ATP which stores and uses energy to keep our cells going. Cells return to optimal health and the athlete performs better with more energy, endurance and stamina after PEMF therapy. Athletes improve their health in many ways with PEMF therapy;

  • Improved energy production in muscles and cells
  • Decreased cellular breakdown during exercise
  • Increased oxygenation of blood for improved performance and endurance
  • Eliminates toxins and lactic acid out of cells (Aids in reduced soreness, cramping and breakdown of tissue following exercise)
  • Helps cells increase energy through more ATP production
  • Stimulates production of proteins to reduce heat shock (helps prevent cellular breakdown during sustained exercise)
  • Reduce inflammation leading to faster recovery and healing
  • Improved injury prevention and overall health maintenance
  • Improved metal acuity, focus and concentration

These health benefits of PEMF therapy help athletes reach their peak performance in competitions and rejuvenate quicker.

Release waste, toxins and inflammation and receive oxygen and nutrients.

How Does PEMF Therapy Help Athletes at Competitions?

PEMF therapy is legal and safe to use at athletic competitions. Benefits are achieved without medications, steroids or surgery. PEMF has no adverse side effects. PEMF therapy can be applied before and after competitions while the athlete remains fully dressed. PEMF therapy is also available for equine competitors and pets.

Magna Wave offers PEMF Therapy Help for Athletes

Magna Wave offers a variety of different PEMF therapy devices that can be used by coaches or trainers. Some Magna Wave PEMF therapy devices are available for overall full-body wellness. There are also attachments that work on specific, localized areas. The professionals at Magna Wave can help you select the right device. Magna Wave PEMF devices are made in the USA using the latest technology. To find the most powerful and effective PEMF therapy devices, call Magna Wave today.

Muscle recovery, reducing muscle spasms, and quick healing of tissues and joints make Magna Wave PEMF therapy a must have for the athlete!