PEMF Machines for Horses

Magna Wave has the best PEMF Machines on the market

Want to try Magna Wave PEMF?? YOU CAN! 100% of ALL of our HIGH POWER PEMF machine rentals are deducted from the purchase price of the machine. DON’T LOSE MONEY RENTING! Our QUALITY, Our TECHNOLOGY, Our PRICES and OUR WARRANTY can NOT be BEAT!

This bundle is designed to meet FEI regulations and is fully compliant. Digital powered, 30% lower Gauss output than the Maia. Short or long treatment times. Low, medium and high settings. High Voltage – Low Frequency. Semi Equine Bundle includes the Semi Traveler Case, 3 attachments, and 1 certification.

Magna Wave Wave Pro PEMF Machine • $12,900
Pre-Order Now! NEW 2017 Model

The Wave Pro is the newest solid-state digital PEMF machine on the market. State of the art technology allows the use of two attachments at once so you can alternate between having the attachments run together or every other sequence. Easily adjustable strength makes this machine perfect for in the office or on-the-go use.

The Magna Wave MAXX is one of our most powerful PEMF machines. Horse lovers of all kinds, as well as Veterinarians and Massage Therapists commonly use the MAXX PEMF machine. When you purchase our MAXX PEMF unit you get a 3-year warranty on the machine itself and an extended 7-year deductible warranty. With the ability to run 2 attachments at once, this machine is fast, efficient and easy to maneuver.

Magna Wave Maia PEMF Machine • $21,000
Digital 2017 model. 2 attachments and certification included.

The most powerful and patented machine to date, the Magna Wave Maia is the only PEMF device for Medical Professionals that has integrated engineering and electronics, easily-controlled and adjusted pulse and magnetic strength. FDA Pending device. Customize your casing with the All Terrain, Office and Traveler cases. The MAIA PEMF  is virtually maintenance free and comes with a 3-year full warranty and a 7 year extended warranty! Weighing between 17 to 25lbs, easy to travel with and can be carried on a plane. Two attachments included with purchase, and certification training for the owner and two others.

Magna Wave Pulse Pro PEMF Machine Best Treatment for Paraplegia

Magna Wave Pulse Pro • Starting at $11,750
New for 2017 – Runs 2 attachments!

The Pulse Pro™ Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy machine comes in a light weight durable case with built in handles for easy transport. The base machine comes with a butterfly loop, the most popular treatment coil.

PEMF Therapy is the Best Atrial Fibrillation Treatment & Best Treatment for Blood Viscosity

Magna Wave Semi Equine Bundle • $7,975
New for 2017 – Low, Medium and High Settings!

Great bundle deal to start your equine PEMF Machine treatments. This bundle includes The Traveler Semi – a $6,950.00 value, The XL Wave Wings – a $1,025.00 value, The Large Loop – a $575.00 value, Butterfly Loop – a $725.00 value, Zoom Hoof Bundle – a $950.00 value, and 1 certification – a $1,000.00 value. If purchased separately your total purchase would be $11,225.00, but with this bundle, the price is $7,975.00.

Magna Wave Semi Office PEMF Machine • $6,950
Exclusive Low Medium and High settings

The SEMI is a PEMF machine for everyone, available in two cases, the office case and the traveler case. The Semi also includes three attachments, a large loop, butterfly loop and Magenergy Pad as well as a carryall bag that can fit all the attachments and the Semi PEMF machine for $6,950. Online PEMF training can be added. The Semi is a digital unit and is virtually maintenance free and the intensity settings will remain consistent because there is no spark chamber that can vary with use. The power output of the SEMI PEMF machine is 50% less than the output of the Magna Wave Maia. The Semi is perfect for the majority of treatments where maximum output is not necessary. Because of the price difference the Semi PEMF unit is also great for client take home or multiple treatment stations at one time.