What sets Magna Wave PEMF apart from other companies? | Magna Wave PEMF

What sets Magna Wave PEMF apart from other companies?

No other manufacturer has the proven results that Magna Wave has or can match the power, consistent results, and ease of use as the Maia provides. Magna Wave PEMF will pass completely through the body whether it is of high or low intensity. Every person is built differently therefore the intensity of one person may vary from another’s. The difference is the amount of charge the field will stimulate in your tissues as it is passing through the body.

Higher voltage is more effective when low voltage isn’t enough. High voltage PEMF also produces a sensation that patients can actually feel which helps reassure them the device is working.

Magna Wave PEMF provides support and assistance to our practitioners that no other company can match. Magna Wave is available every day to answer questions and provide guidelines for your treatments. We are here to answer your questions; in addition we have over 400 practitioners to support you with growing your business and that is what sets Magna Wave PEMF apart!